Warranty Policy


     From the end-user’s date of purchase, SCI offers a six (6) month warranty covering the failure of materials and/or workmanship; and a one (1) year warranty involving a manufacturing defect. During this period SCI will replace or repair the part. As with most consumable products, normal “wear and tear” is not covered. For leather steering wheels, the surface is subject to become worn down from: (a) hands containing dirt, oil, grease, etc.; (b) gloves having rough palm textures; (c) chemicals found in cleaning detergents; and/or, (d) regular daily usage. The same applies to wood steering wheels, which are vulnerable to: (a) scratching; (b) chipping; (c) a diminishing lacquer finish on the rim caused by many of the same issues affecting leather wheels; and, in extreme cases, (d) cracking, which is primarily caused when the wheel is used as a grab handle to enter or exit the vehicle. Warranty coverage does not include any damage caused by product mishandling, installation error, harmful chemicals, or the usage of inappropriate cleaning supplies. SCI is not liable for any direct or consequential loss of property damage arising from any use of this product.

     Warranty claims may only be submitted through an authorized Steering Creations distributor and should only be submitted if an item has failed to perform its intended function. To start a claim, one will need to: (1) inform us via phone, fax, or email (info@steeringcreations.com) to determine if anything can be done to fix the problem; (2) send a photo of the damaged item(s) along with a general statement as to the nature of the warranty; (3) send the customer’s proof of purchase; and (4) request an RGA#. Once the claim has been submitted we will review and contact you with the RGA#. Claims for items damaged or lost in shipment must be made directly to the carrier.

March 2017